Missouri’s Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) serve adults who are aging and adults with disabilities in Missouri’s 114 counties and St. Louis City. AAAs provide supportive services and resources to assist aging adults to remain independent and in the homes of their choice for as long as they choose.

ma4 is the statewide association of Missouri’s ten AAAs.

The Challenge

Missouri’s aging population is growing exponentially. Along with the rest of the U.S., Missouri is experiencing an historic demographic shift as the populations shifts.

Already, one in four Missourians is age 60+.

Soon the number of Missourians age 60+ will be equal to the number of youth ages 20 and under (23% ages 60+ and 24% ages 20 and under).

This demographic shift presents both challenges and opportunities.

Life expectancy has doubled in the last 120 years! A great accomplishment in human history.

While many of of us will age with strong health and resources, disparities are substantial – around the globe, around the country, and here in Missouri.

Unfortunately, a growing number of our older adults have limited options, fixed incomes, and face historic inflation and financial challenges. Oftentimes, as we age, we need some additional support to sustain the independence we have enjoyed throughout our lives.

Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) are designed for just this need. AAAs serve our parents, our neighbors, our friends – and ourselves!

With the rapidly growing aging population, the need for services and support is also rapidly growing. Local AAAs face a dramatic increase in requests for meals and home and community-based services. On top of that, soaring costs, massive loss of volunteers, and worker shortages create even greater challenges. Vulnerable seniors are at greatest risk.

Without the services AAAs provide, too many aging adults will require premature institutional care – which is a cost four times greater than home and community-based care.

Beyond the financial toll that premature institutional care costs, our aging neighbors deserve to live in the homes of their choice – and overwhelmingly prefer to age in place within their own homes.

The Good News?

Missourians are living longer – and that is good news!

Longer lives opens the door to a multitude of opportunities.

Among these are opportunities for aging adults to explore social, recreational, and volunteer options.

Missouri’s AAAs are making a difference.

Each year, Missouri AAAs provide nearly ten million units of service, including 7.5 million meals to 250,000 individuals around the state.

Our services have the power to improve lives and give seniors the vital lifeline they need. Services such as home-delivered meals, wellness and recreation programs, home modification and repair, and many more, provide the tools and support aging adults needs to live their best possible lives, and to age in place, in the home of their choice.

Local AAAs are rising to the challenge, laser-focused on doing everything possible to keep aging Missourians safe, healthy, nourished, and valued in their homes and communities.

Where We Work

We work in every county, including St. Louis City, throughout Missouri to provide critical resources and support for adults who are aging, adults with disabilities, and their caregivers, to help them remain in the homes of their choice, for as long as they choose.

ma4 is committed to building networks, collaborating with partners, and developing coalitions to support the needs of adults who are aging and adults with disabilities.

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