ma4 actively advocates for adults who are aging and adults with disabilities.

We advocate at the local, state, and federal level for services and supports that enhance the lives of older adults and adults with disabilities in the state of Missouri.

We advocate on behalf of and along with aging adults –

  • To promote opportunities and resources to sustain continued physical, social, and economic self-sufficiency.
  • To support the capacity of aging adults to pursue choice, independence, and dignity in daily living.
  • To protect aging adults from fraud, exploitation, neglect and abuse
  • To advance social and policy changes that empower adults to age where they choose, as they choose

Whether on the federal, state, or local level, ma4 advocates on behalf of – and along with – aging Missourians so that they have the resources, services, and opportunities to live their best possible lives in the homes and communities of their choice.

2024 ma4 Advocacy Priorities

  • Expansion of the Circuit Breaker Property Tax Credit 

We support updates to Missouri’s Circuit Breaker to increase income eligibility and index the credit and eligibility to keep pace with inflation.

Missouri’s Circuit Breaker Property Tax Credit was meant to help older adults – those 65 and older- and Missourians living with disabilities who have fixed incomes stay in their homes by offsetting a portion of the cost of property tax. But because the credit hasn’t been adjusted since 2008, every year more and more of the folks the credit was designed for are left out. By updating the circuit breaker, Missouri Lawmakers can provide real property tax relief for older Missourians, disabled veterans and Missourians with disabilities, and help these Missourians remain living independently in their own homes. Although modest, the Circuit Breaker Property Tax Credit is a lifeline to Missourians across the state. The Missouri Budget Project has a press release with more info: 

MBP Press release 

Circuit Breaker Talking Points

  • Expansion of Shared Care Tax Credit  

We support improved outreach to inform caregivers of this opportunity, as well as opportunities to expand the credit.

Approximately 53 million Americans are caregivers, providing informal, usually unpaid, care and support to aging family members and people of all ages with disabilities. Missouri currently has a Shared Care Tax Credit (SCT) that provides a tax credit to help families offset the costs of caring for adults ages 60 and older. More information on caregiving: The Administration for Community Living (ACL) published the first National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers:  2022 National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers.

  • Explore Incentives for Home Modification 

We support incentives for home modifications to support aging in place.

As a nation and as a state, we are living longer lives and becoming a larger percentage of the overall population. And while most people indicate a desire to age in place in their own homes, many of us have not prepared our homes to age in place. Providing incentives for home modifications would expand our options for aging in place and benefit the entire community.

  • Support Voter Protection Rights for Aging Missourians 

We support protecting the voting rights for aging Missourians.

This issue has urgency this year due to the passage last year of HB 1878, voter ID law passed in 2023. While voter ID is an important consideration for the protection of elections, the challenge for older adults regarding this new law includes the new requirements for a current state issued identification. Historically an expired driver’s license was an acceptable form of ID, and was commonly used by older adults who no longer drive. Now voters are required to have a current, non-expired license or state issued ID – from the Missouri Department of Revenue. This could prevent barriers for aging adults and especially for those who have mobility issues.

2023 ma4 Advocacy Priorities

  • Full funding for the Senior Growth and Development Fund
  • Expand Circuit Breaker Tax Credits and Eligibility
  • Restoration of Full MoRx Program
  • Protection of Voting Rights
  • Expand Digital Inclusion – Access and Affordability

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The Silver Haired Legislature (SHL) is a formally elected body of citizens 60 years of age and older who conduct legislative advocacy for Missouri’s older adults.

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