Futurist Eric Meade To Keynote 2015 Summit On Aging And Health

Ericphotospeakingcropped2-300x300Over the 50 years from 1915 to 1965, the proportion of Americans aged 65 and over more than doubled from 4.48% to 9.50%. This growth, as well as other societal and economic shifts that had taken place during the same period, increased the public’s concern for vulnerable older adults and called into question existing policies like mandatory retirement. In response, lawmakers in 1965 passed the Older Americans Act (OAA) to create a basic infrastructure of community supports for Americans to age in dignity. During the same period they also passed the Medicare Act (1965) and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (1967).

Fifty years later again, in 2015, Americans aged 65 and over make up 14.88% of the population, on their way to an estimated 21.39% in 2035. This massive demographic shift demonstrates the foresight of the leaders who promoted and passed the Older Americans Act in 1965. The OAA should be celebrated for the hugely positive effect it has had on the lives of several generations of older adults. At the same time, as we look to the future, we know that much more will be required to ensure that all Americans can age with dignity. Further, the scale of the demographic shift may call us to think about age, aging, and vulnerability in new ways.

During the Summit’s opening luncheon, noted futurist Eric Meade will explore this history and future by looking at four snapshots of life for older Americans–in 1915, 1965, 2015, and 2035. He will then glean insights from this journey for how aging services providers might approach their work today, giving us just the launch we need as we “set sail for the future.”

Eric is principal at the Whole Mind Strategy Group in Alexandria, Virginia, where he helps leaders and organizations move into new paradigms of strategy and operations, principally in the areas of health and human services. Most recently he developed a set of four scenarios of older adults in Howard County, Maryland in the year 2035 as the basis for master planning by the County’s Department of Citizen Services and Office on Aging. Eric is also the Chairman of the Board of the World Future Society and has published several articles on the future.

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SCHEDULE/REGISTRATION INFORMATION – This year, attendees may also register by phone. Call 573-634-2914 to register or make payment by credit card over the phone. NOTE: The phone number for the Lodge of Four Seasons hotel is 888-265-5500. An incorrect number appears in the attached document.

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