Don’t Walk And Text – No Kidding


Everyone knows that it is not safe to text while driving. But, did you know that texting while WALKING could also be problematic?

Check out the E-card and information below for additional details

The Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) designed a falls prevention e-card for seniors that says, “Don’t Walk and Text”.  The e-card was in response to an article DHSS Director Gail Vasterling read about the dangers of seniors walking and texting, and her idea of promoting that theme.

The e-card is posted on the department’s e-card site, The e-card links to the DHSS Show Me Falls Free website,  At that site, a header titled “Don’t Walk and Text—You Could Fall” links to the article Director Vasterling read,

Please share and blast the e-card to your partner agencies.

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