Older Adults

The risk of falling increases with age, but falls are not inevitable.

To take control of your health and prevent falls, you can

1.  Talk to your doctor or other healthcare provider about your risk for falls, about what you can do to manage your risk, about your medications, and about whether you should take a vitamin D supplement with calcium

2.  Exercise by taking Tai Chi or another form of physical activity to improve strength and balance.

3.  Have your eyesight checked every year and update your glasses when needed

4.  Improve the safety of your home by maintaining pathways clear of clutter or loose rugs, installing grab bars in your tub and shower and near the toilet, installing railings on both sides of stairs, and by maintaining good lighting around your house.

5.  Participate in workshops like A Matter of Balance to address the fear of falling

6.  Participate in Falls Prevention Day to increase awareness and learn more about local resources

You can visit http://www.stopfalls.org/resources/downloadables/Talk_Doc.pdf for help talking to your doctor about falls.

For more information on fall risk and prevention visit CDC website: http://www.cdc.gov/homeandrecreationalsafety/falls/adultfalls.htm


For information on exercise classes and falls prevention workshops in your community call OASIS at 314.862.4859 ext 24 Or visit http://www.oasisnet.org/Get-Involved/Take-A-Class