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The following are links to important reports, resource manuals and information. Use these documents online, download an electronic copy or print for later use. And If there is a resource we should post here, just let us know.

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INTERACTIVE HEALTH MARKETPLACE MAP – Find local resources to help you navigate the new Health Insurance Exchange. Click the link to open/download interactive map with county-by-county list.








FLU VACCINATION FACT SHEET – A publication of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

MODELS OF CARE – INTEGRATED CARE MANAGEMENT – (PowerPoint presentation by Jan Stallmeyer at 2013 Summit on Health and Aging)



2013 SILVER HAIRED LEGISLATURE ADVOCACY TRAINING KIT – Click on each link to download each element of this year’s training session.

2013 Silver Haired Legislature Priorities

Program Policy Statement

Home Delivered Meals – Just the Facts

Circuit Breaker Tax Credit Position Statement

Medicaid Expansion in Missouri

The Impacts of Sequestration

ISSUE BRIEF ON TITLE III FUNDS – A useful analysis of how seniors receive key services provided under the Older Americans Act.

SEQUESTRATION FACT SHEET – 2012 -Information you need to know about the Federal Government’s plan to sequester funds if budget negotiations fail.

CALENDAR OF MEDICARE OPEN ENROLLMENT EVENTS – 2012 – Events from around the state of Missouri.

2012 MEDICARE HANDBOOK – Comprehensive guide to Medicare policies and programs.

2012 MISSOURI SUMMIT ON AGING AND HEALTH PROGRAM – The complete guide to the 2012 Summit on Aging and Health.

MISSOURI OLDER WORKER NOMINATION FORM – Nominate an older worker for recognition.

FACTS ABOUT REFUND SCHEMES RELATED TO MILITARY DISABILITY – Information regarding Military Disability, the IRS and third-party vendors.

OLDER AMERICANS MONTH 2012 ACTIVITIES – Click this link for a statewide list of Older Americans Month activities.

NATIONAL HEALTHCARE DECISIONS DAY – Background information about making your healthcare decisions known to family and friends in advance of illness.

CERTIFIED COPIES OF VITAL RECORDS – Information on how to obtain copies of birth certificates and other vital records.

LIFE POLICY LOCATOR – Find missing or lost insurance policies for deceased family members.

MISSOURI ROSTER OF ELECTED OFFICIALS 2011-2012 – Here is an easy to use list of all Missouri public officials, including both appointed agency directors and elected officials.

INSURANCE AGENT.BROKER DO’S AND DON’TS – These guidelines from the Missouri Department of Insurance help seniors avoid unscrupulous insurance practices.

FEMA DISASTER RELIEF POSTER FOR SENIOR CENTERS – Single page poster encouraging seniors to apply for FEMA disaster relief. New poster reflects extended deadline for registration of August 26, 2011

AARP REPORT ON FUNDING FOR SENIOR SERVICES IN MISSOURI – Download the complete report entitled, “Weathering the Storm: The Impact of the Great Recession on Long-Term Services and Supports – State Profile: Missouri”. It was researched and compiled by the AARP Public Policy Institute.

SENATE APPROPRIATIONS TESTIMONY – JANUARY 18, 2011 – Download the complete extended testimony from MA4 presented to the Senate Appropriations Committee on January 18, 2011.

HEALTHCARE.GOV –  Here’s your link to a world of healthcare information, including specific information relating the the new Affordable Care Act. Featured in HHS Director Judy Baker’s remarks to the Show Me Summit on Aging and Health, this is an essential link for all Missouri seniors.

SILVER HAIRED LEGISLATURE BROCHURE – Get information about local contacts, legislative priorities and information of interest.

MISSOURI SENIOR REPORT 2009 –  Missouri Senior Report, 2009, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and the Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis, University of Missouri. This report was prepared with the assistance of the ten Missouri Area Agencies on Aging and the Missouri Senior Report Advisory Committee.  This report provides a “snapshot of the status of Missouri seniors.”  It includes important information on their economic well-being, health care status, access to medical treatment and community involvement.  It also looks at emerging issues, including the cost of prescription drugs, financial exploitation, the need for better transportation and options for independent living.

HARVARD REPORT ON AGING BOOMERS – Center for Health Communication, Harvard School of Public Health, 2004. Reinventing Aging:  Baby Boomers and Civic Engagement. Boston , MA:  Harvard School of Public Health

STATE APPROACHES TO AGING AND HEALTH CARE – Aging of America: State Approaches to Controlling Health Care Costs,  A Report from the Council of State Governments, 2005. “Americans are living longer and states are taking a variety of innovative approaches to confront the mounting costs of medical and nursing home services for older adults.”  This reports examines different approaches that are designed to encourage healthy living, prevent illness, promote independent living and control costs when illness or disability occurs.

NEW YORK ACADEMY OF MEDICINE “SENIOR” RESEARCH DATABASE — A comprehensive listing of agencies and foundations that publish research and literature of interest to seniors in America. Wide range of topics and sources. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES –  This is a list of links to key information that may be of use to seniors throughout the state. e

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