Yes, Marketplace Health Insurance Open Enrollment Is Still OPEN


Don’t be confused. The open enrollment period for Marketplace Health Insurance is still OPEN. Earlier deadlines you may have heard about were for policies that would begin on the first day of January 2016. But, you can still enroll until January 31, 2016. Your policy start date will just be a month later. Now is the time to sign up for the health insurance you need through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Some people call it Obamacare. Some people call it the “Marketplace”. Either way, open enrollment is stillĀ “open” for a program that can provide you and your family with the health insurance coverage you need.

MA4 can help. With our team of trained Navigators, we can help walk you through the process and find the coverage that is appropriate and affordable for your circumstances. You can visit us in person – or simply go online at and find the plan that fits your needs.

Here’s a link that can help you find the plan that helps you most.


Also, be aware that if you want your health insurance in place on the 1st of the new year, you must enroll by midnight December 17. Avoid penalties and get enrolled today!

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