St. Joseph News-Press Supports Protections For Seniors

(St. Joseph News-Press) – Our sensibilities are shaken by the idea that just because a person is age 60 or older, he or she needs special legal protection that might include halting a financial decision they have made.

This sentiment is set aside, however, when we come to our senses and recognize the times we are living in.

Senior citizens are a target every day of scammers of every sort — from those who might knock at the door, to those who call on the phone, to those who might exploit a friendship.

Knowing this, Missouri lawmakers and Gov. Jay Nixon have made a correct choice by giving financial advisers more authority to take action if they suspect someone is attempting to defraud a client who is a senior citizen or disabled. The advisers who act within the parameters of the law will be shielded from civil lawsuits questioning their actions.


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