Southwest MO AAA Announces New Name And Mission


For years Southwest Missouri Office on Aging has been working on a fresh rebranding of our name and image — so people can more easily understand who we are and who we serve  — not just in print, but in name. SWMOA will forever hold a place in our history books, but from here forward we are the new SeniorAge Area Agency on Aging.

SeniorAge is easy to say, easy to explain, easy to remember, and looks vastly more friendly. And, it doesn’t have a lot of “fussy” in it that might quickly become outdated. We have also created a much simpler mission and vision to accompany the name. Our visual image has been through several revisions, but we believe we are there.  Our new logo (below) casts a shade of diversity (leaves) in the folks we serve, mixed with our forward motion in services to seniors (path). It’s as exciting as fireworks filling the sky, yet represents the stages in life just as leaves change with each season.

Our new name does have the word “age” in it; but, after years of debating the best way to identify who we serve in the most acceptable way, we came to the decision that “age” is something every person is – whether it is child age, teenage, driving age, voting age, or senior age. “Aging” is the term that is not particularly warm and fuzzy, but age is often used in forward-thinking ways. Space Age. Computer Age. Age of Aquarius.

We are an Area Agency on Aging and that alone helps define who we are. But we are also the new SeniorAge. Our branding and simplified mission and vision will be rolling out in the coming months through special events and public notices. In the meantime, we will be working diligently to roll out the name change with the State and within the communities we serve.

Please help us in celebrating the NEW SeniorAge.


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