Seniors: Be Prepared For Severe Weather Conditions During May

This time of year, the weather changes rapidly, and sunny days in Missouri can turn rainy and treacherous at the drop of a hat. Smart seniors have a plan in case severe weather strikes, including knowing the best place in their homes to seek shelter Always avoid rooms with lots of windows or glass, and seek the lowest level in your home or the most interior, structurally sound place like a bathroom, if a basement is not available.

Seniors can also benefit from technology that not only tracks weather, but can send you an alert when severe weather conditions materialize. Follow this link to get first hand tips from Fox 2 New in St. Louis and the Verizon Wireless team. Tips include installing local news weather tracking apps, downloading the Radar Scope app or switching “ON” Wireless Emergency Alerts on Verizon Wireless phones.

Stay safe and be prepared this spring.

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