PRIORITY #1 Senior Services Development and Growth Fund

HB1906 establishes the Senior Services Development and Growth Program to provide additional funding for senior services 4/9/18 (H) On House calendar for Perfection. It is sponsored by Rep. Galen Higdon.  Please contact your Representative NOW to urge passage of this bill.  Because of the large number of bills scheduled for Perfection, the exact hearing time is not known for this bill.  It is currently scheduled for late afternoon Monday, April 9.

Also, on the agenda April 9 is HB 1625 Missouri Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program bill which will be heard in the Senate Agricultural Committee at 2:00 pm.  Contact Chairman Representative Brian Munzlinger.  573-751-7985

Denny Hoskins -4303
S. Kiki Curls -3158
Dan Hegeman -1415
Jason Holsman -6607
Jacob Hummel -3599
Doug Libla -4843

 On the agenda for April 10 is SB 787 Missouri Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program bill which will be heard by the House Agricultural Committee.  Contact the committee chairman Representative Jay Houghton.   573-751-3649.

Jay Houghton -0905
Don Rone -4085
Mike Bernskoette -3278J.
Eggleston -4285
Ben Harris -2398
Tom Hurst -1344
Hannah Kelly -2165
Deb Lavender -4069
Warren Love -4065
Tracy McCreery -7535
Craig Redmon -3644
Bill Reiboldt -9781
Martha Stevens -1347

Stay tuned for further alerts.  We expect that we may be asking you to advocate for MO RX shortly.

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