New Missouri Legislature Starts 99th Annual Session

Members of the Missouri Senate and House were sworn in and began the 99th Legislature on January 4, 2017. Republicans, who control both chambers, indicated that they will push for ethics reforms and right-to-work legislation as some of the first priorities during this new legislative year.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch also reported on additional numbers that characterize the make-up and legislative priorities of this new crop of legislators.


Some statistics of interest include the following:

163 • Number of members in the House. Republicans control the chamber with 117 members, compared to 46 for Democrats.

34 • Number of members in the Senate. Republicans control the chamber with 24 members, but that number will change after a special election to replace Sen. Mike Parson, a Bolivar Republican who will become lieutenant governor on Monday.

 45 • Number of new members in both chambers. The House has 39 new members; 20 of those are Republicans, while 19 are Democrats. The Senate has six new members. Four of the new senators previously served in the House. An additional new member will be chose in the Senate to replace Parson.

$35,914 • Amount of money lawmakers earn per year. Legislative leaders in the House and Senate earn $38,414.

$113 • Amount of money lawmakers receive for each day of the legislative session to cover food and lodging costs. That’s up from $79 per day a decade ago.

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