Missouri Senator Proposes Bill To Cut Senior Tax Credits

Today the Senate Ways and Means Committee heard SB 285 which is proposing a reduction in the corporate income tax to 4%. The sponsor, Senator Koenig, will offset this by “reforming” tax credits. One of these on the list is the property tax credit for seniors, by eliminating renters from the ability to claim this. The text of that bill is attached HERE for your review.

AARP and the Missouri Budget Project joined ma4 in opposing this change to the property tax credit for seniors. It would be helpful if you all contacted the committee to add your voices.


The members of the Missouri Senate Committee that heard this initial testimony are:

Will Kraus- Jackson County – (573) 751-1464 – will.kraus@senate.mo.gov
Wayne Wallingford (vice chair) – Cape Girardeau and environs – (573) 751-2459 – wayne.wallingford@senate.mo.gov
Bob Dixon – Greene County – (573) 751-2583 – Bob.Dixon@senate.mo.gov
Andrew Koenig – St. Louis County – (573) 751-5568 – Andrew.Koenig@senate.mo.gov
Jamilah Nasheed – St. Louis County – (573) 751- 4415 – Jamilah.Nasheed@senate.mo.gov
Bob Onder – St. Charles County – (573) 751-1282 – Bob.Onder@senate.mo.gov
John Rizzo – Jackson County – (573) 751-3074; john.rizzo@senate.mo.gov

Thank you for all that you do on behalf of Missouri’s seniors.

For a link to this story in the Missouri Times, please CLICK HERE.

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