Legislative Update: Circuit Breaker and MORx Discussed During Early Hearings

On January 10, a hearing was held on SB567 – Senator Cunningham’s bill to restore some cuts to Home and Community Based Services for people with disabilities. While we appreciate his efforts to reverse the cuts, the bill currently funds these services with cuts to the Circuit Breaker tax credit, which also helps people with disabilities. If you believe that programs for seniors and people with disabilities should be funded – and can be funded without cannibalizing other valuable programs, please contact Senator Cunningham’s office. 

In other important action, Senator Sater’s Committee (Senate Committee on Seniors, Families and Children) heard SB 563, a bill that would restore MORx benefits to all who meet the income requirements (not just dual eligibles). It does so by simply removing the requirement that you have to be a dual eligible (for Medicare and Medicaid) in order to receive MoRx. MA4 representatives testified in favor of this legislation.

Please take a moment to thank Senator Sater for sponsoring and hearing this bill. It is an important priority for seniors during this new legislative year.

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