Legislation To Help Seniors Could Be Reconsidered During Veto Session

Earlier this year, Missouri Governor Eric Grietens vetoed HCB 3, a bill that would have swept money from other state funds to provide care for approximately 8,000 low-income seniors and some disabled Missourians. However, that bill could be reconsidered when the Missouri legislature convenes for its annual veto session in September.

According to the Missouri Times, multiple bills could be considered during the veto session, but HCB 3 is among the most likely to be debated. The Times reported: “That would leave two bills as options for a veto session: SB 128 and HCB 3. But HCB 3 might be the most likely of the three, as it caused the most controversy in the last few weeks of the session.

The issue at hand was how to provide care to a group of more than 8,000 low-income seniors, veterans and people living with disabilities and minor health care issues. The bill sought to pull $35 million from various state funds into general revenue as a one-time payment.

Greitens called the bill a “budget gimmick,” but the emotions witnessed on both the House and the Senate floors this past session in regard to this bill suggests that this particular item may be the most likely to see another chance.”


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