Important Legislative Updates

Key bills in the Missouri Legislature have been assigned to committees and hearings on those bills has begun to occur. Here are a few of the items MA4 is watching. UPDATES HAVE BEEN ADDED.

Establish the Senior Services Growth and Development Program. Prefiled as Senate Bill 86 by Sen. Wayne Wallingford, R-Cape Girardeau, the program would fund senior services through area agencies on aging. Money would be generated by setting aside 5 percent of the insurance premium tax collected from certain companies and associations, other than the premium tax already dedicated to the education, phased in over two years.

This item was read and referred to the Senate Seniors, Families and Children Committee for future hearings.

UPDATE: The bill was voted DO PASS by the Seniors, Families and Childrens Committee on February 27 and is awaiting further action. As of April 1, there has been no substantive change in status.

Expand eligibility for the Missouri Rx Plan. MORx pays for 50 percent of the out-of-pocket prescription costs not covered by a senior’s Medicare plan. As of June 30, 2017, however, eligibility was reduced so that only seniors who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid can receive this benefit. This change affected an estimated 64,000 Missouri residents.

This bill was also referred to the Senate Committee on Seniors, Families and Children. MA4 testified in favor of this bill on February 6.

UPDATE: This bill has been placed on the Informal Calendar for Perfection beginning April 8.

Modifies provisions relating to the MO Rx plan

This bill was referred to the House Committee on Children and Families. No hearings have yet been scheduled on this item.

UPDATE: As of April 1, no additional action has been taken on this item.

Establishes the Senior Services Growth and Development program. This bill has been referred to the Special Committee on Aging. UPDATE: This bill was voted DO PASS by the committee by a 13 – 0 margin on February 20.

UPDATE 2: On February 21 this bill was referred to the House Rules – Administrative Oversight Committee and on March 7 was voted DO PASS by a unanimous 8 -0 vote.

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