Conference Committee To Consider AAA Funding

The Missouri House and Senate have appointed their conferees for the Conference Committee to resolve the differences between the House and the Senate Budgets.

In the House version of the budget, the House added $750,000 to the Area Agencies on Aging budget for next year. The Senate budget removed that extra money.

Please contact the conferees and ask them to reinstate the $750,000 increase that the House had added. Conferees will begin meeting on Monday, May 7.

Below are the conferees and their contact information:

House Conferees:

Scott Fitzpatrick                             573-751-1488

Justin Alferman                              573-751-6668

Deb Lavender                                 573-751-4069

Crystal Quade                                 573-751-3795

David Wood                                    573-751-2077

Senate Conferees:

Dan Brown                                      573-751-5713

Dan Hegeman                                 573-751-1415

David Sater                                      573-751-1480

Kiki Curls                                          573-751-3158

Jamilah Nasheed                            573-751-4415

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