Campaign To Prevent Financial Exploitation Of Seniors Starts Today

Wear purple 2016  WEADThe St. Louis Area Agency on Aging has joined the Campaign to Prevent Financial Exploitation of Older American, a nationwide effort designed to prevent the exploitation, neglect and abuse that some seniors and people with disabilities experience.

In an effort to raise awareness for this issue, the St. Louis AAA team is wearing purple and encouraging people to report cases of financial exploitation to the proper authorities.

There are several signs of financial exploitation for friends and families to look out for, including: financial activity that is inconsistent with an older adult’s past financial history; confusion about recent financial arrangements; changes to key documents that have not been authorized; a caregiver or beneficiary who refuses to use designated funds for necessary care and treatment of an older adult; and an older adult who feels threatened by a caregiver or another individual who is seeking to control their finances.

Area Agencies on Aging throughout Missouri can assist you if you believe exploitation is occurring and are supporting the goals of this campaign to raise awareness and improve the safety and independence of seniors in this state.

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