After Iowa – Missouri Will Hold Presidential Primary March 10

Recent news reports have highlighted the problems encountered as Iowa kicked off the national process of selecting presidential candidates in 2020. Missouri will hold a Presidential Primary of its own on March 10, 2020, but the rules and procedures for this election are significantly different, and in many ways easier, than those in Iowa.

Missouri has a regular primary on March 10, then choose individual people to serve as delegates to the national political conventions later in the year through a caucus or local meeting process. If you are a registered Missouri voter, you are entitled to participate, and you may have more choices than you think.

In Missouri, voters are not registered to vote by party, but will be required to select the ballot of one party when they cast their presidential preference votes. Voters may choose a ballot from any one of the following political parties: Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Green and Constitution.

Although it is surprising to many people, a total of 33 people have filed to appear on the Presidential Primary ballot in Missouri. Any candidate who wanted to appear on the Missouri Presidential ballot was required to pay a $1,000 filing fee in advance – or submit a petition containing 5,000 qualified Missouri voter signatures along with a statement indicating that they couldn’t afford the $1,000 filing fee. There will be 5 Republicans; 22 Democrats; 1 Libertarian; 3 Green; and 2 Constitution Party candidates on this year’s ballot (Including the names of some people who have officially suspended their campaigns, but didn’t have time to pull their names from the official ballot.

If you have questions about your eligibility to vote; rules regarding absentee or accessible voting; or to see a complete list of candidates who will appear on the March 10 ballot, click on the following link. And remember, your vote is your voice.


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