Governor Says Businesses Will Reopen May 4 With Some Restrictions

Missouri Governor Mike Parson announced that all Missouri businesses will be able to re-open on May 4 after many were closed due to COVID-19 Stay At Home rules. The Stay At Home statewide orders expire on Sunday night, May 3, however, many local governments will continue to have local rules in place that will require additional health and safety precautions be taken.

The new rules are expected to apply to all businesses, even if those businesses were not considered to be “essential” businesses under earlier rules. This will include beauty and barber shops, restaurants and general retail stores. Nursing homes and assisted living centers will continue to limit visitations by family members and friends, and appropriate social distancing measures will continue to be required.

For instance, while church services and funerals may once again occur, there will be limits on the numbers of people who may congregate at any one time, and seating arrangements will be more expansive than in the past. Similarly, not every table in restaurants may be filled and many restaurants will opt for single use condiments such as ketchup and mustard rather than featuring multi-use bottles and shakers on tabletops.

Every consumer should consider their own safety when visiting any business and should take care to protect themselves through appropriate distancing and the use of masks or antibacterial wipes. People over 60 who may be more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus should consider taking additional safety precautions or limit visits outside the home.

Always check with local officials for special regulations that may be in effect in your city or county.


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