Don’t Delay -Marketplace Insurance Is Still Available Until January 31

Missourians continue to get health insurance coverage through the innovative Marketplace programs now available. In many cases, the cost of the policies are offset by subsidies. But, you never know what you are eligible for until you create an account. You still have time to sign up for health insurance coverage during the Open Enrollment Period, but that ends at midnight on January 31, 2017.

So… don’t delay. Take time now and get insurance coverage that will protect you every day during the coming year.

It is easy to do. Just CLICK THIS LINK, or contact a navigator in your area for more advice and an overview of what is possible.


Whatever you do, do it now. You have the rest of the month of January to sign up for health insurance policies that will cover you during 2017. Don’t go another day without health insurance coverage. It’s more affordble than you may think.

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