Open Enrollment For ACA Health Plans Now Closed In Missouri: Watch For Updates And News

This year has seen many changes to the Affordable Care Act and how it is implemented in the various states. The good news is, Missourians in every county will have access to Healthcare Marketplace policies again this year. Open Enrollment began on November 1, 2017 for policies that will cover individuals in 2018. Open Enrollment is now closed unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period due to changes in your status. Questions regarding your status can be answered by using the following resources. Official Website
This site allows individuals to enroll online and offers help with frequently asked questions.

Interactive Assistance Map
Click on your county on this map to find qualified health insurance Navigators in your area.

Missouri Coverage Map
Different insurance companies will offer Marketplace health insurance in every county in Missouri – but not all companies will offer policies in ALL counties. This map shows you who covers who where.

How The System Works In Missouri
A short overview of the various insurance carriers who will participate in this year’s Healthcare Marketplace in Missouri and how the Missouri plans work within the federal program.

Article: Most Missourians Will Not See Large Increases In Insurance Policy Rates
The Trump Administration has released the 2018 premiums for plans sold on  As expected, the premiums for people who receive premium tax credits will not increase significantly. In fact, they will decrease by 2.7% to just $201 per month for a 40 year old, non-smoker, earning $30,000 a year. Almost 90% of Missourians who purchase Marketplace plans receive premium tax credits that reduce the price they pay for insurance. These premium tax credits continue to protect consumers from premium increases.

Those who do not receive a premium tax credit will see an increase of between 12% and 50% in the cost for a Benchmark Silver plan with the average increase across Missouri of 37%. Columbia has the lowest premium increases, at 12%, and St. Louis has the highest, at 50%.

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