Senators Blunt And McCaskill Protect Nutrition Assistance In Farm Bill

Both Senators Blunt and McCaskill supported the Senate farm bill and rejected an amendment that would have taken away food assistance from many Missourians and imposed burdensome requirements on both SNAP participants and our state.

The House and Senate now turn to negotiating a final version of the farm bill in conference committee.

·       Unlike the partisan House bill, the final Senate farm bill builds on Missourians shared responsibility and bipartisan commitment to keep our neighbors and community members from going hungry.

·       The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is our nation’s most effective tool to combat hunger, helping over 750,000 Missourians in over 350,000 households stretch their budgets to afford a basic diet.

·       SNAP not only reduces hunger, but also promotes school success, improves health outcomes for children, and supports work for the many Missourians working in low wages jobs with irregular schedules and limited benefits.

·       A strong bi-partisan Farm Bill helps to protect Missouri’s budget by maximizing use of federal funds for the health of Missourians, while generating $1.70 in economic activity for every $1 in SNAP benefits spent in our local communities.

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