MA4 Offers Advice To Guard Against Financial Exploitation

It’s a sad fact, but sometimes the people we trust the most make us their victims. A recent case of financial exploitation of an elderly man in hospice care in St. Louis brought this problem to the forefront within recent days. Allegedly, a care provider stole a patient’s credit card while on duty and subsequently charged thousands of dollars of unauthorized purchases to the man’s account.

KSDK TV News reported on the case and turned to the Mid-East Area Agency on Aging for tips on how to prevent this type of financial exploitation.

To prevent elder theft, the Agency suggests conducting background checks on caretakers, or hiring a health care company that requires background checks. They also say to lock up valuables and financial information, and have multiple people monitoring a potential victim’s financial records.

For more on this topic, and to view KSDK’s original report please click on this link.

And if you suspect that something is wrong in your household, do not hesitate to contact law enforcement officials. They can help.

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